A December 2011 12athon Challenge

Iris from Stet That Run has come up with such a fun challenge for 2012! It’s call the 12athon; basically you run 12 miles on the 12th of every month for the year. The fun part is that she and her friends have devised some pretty crazy “bonus challenges” that include Running while intoxicated, eating 12 deviled eggs while running, a mayan ultra, silly costumes and all sorts of debauchery! Points are accrued and there are some cool prizes to be won as well. Nuff said haha; I’m in! Details here – Stet That Run.

Now, since yours truly (that’d be me) is such a new kid on the running block, I’m just not up to running 12 miles at a time. I’m actually at about half that, with only a few 6 milers and one 7 miler under my belt. Enter the Junior Varsity Team. Thankfully, JV team only has to run half the miles that the big dogs are running. Still a challenge for me, but now very attainable! Yay me!

This month, there was a pre-12athon challenge: 13:12:11:10 which means Run 10 miles, in 20(11), in the 12th month, on the 13th day. Confused yet? Doesn’t matter just go with it ok.
Since I’m team JV, I got to run 5 miles.

Shauna was out running 5.03 miles in 1h:13m:33s using Endomondo.

via Endomondo Running Workout.

Have I mentioned that I’m slower than a turtle in peanut butter?

Happy Running!

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