Official Start of The 12athon Challenge!


So today was the official start of the Stet That Run’s Virtual Challenge.

I had fun! Well, I think I did. I’m a bit queasy at the moment!
Too many donuts… But I’ll get to that shortly.

I’ve mentioned that I’m on the JV team of the challenge since I have not yet reached awesome endurance runner status. (Have no doubt that I’ll get there, but these things take time & work. I’m willing!)
Since I’m only running 6 miles at a time, I’ll only be making half the points that most of the other runners are building up.
I’m going to attempt to combine Bonus Challenges to accrue more points.

Today, however, I bit off more than I could chew! Literally!
Here are the challenges that I conquered today:

Mayan Ultra: Running for the past 12 days. *See previous post*

Sunrise: I saw the sunrise during my run. I miss waking up and running before the neighborhood wakes.

Galloway: I downloaded a podcast from Motion Traxx of a 3:1 Galloway workout (loved this!) I’ll be using this more often!
It made this slow poke Faster!!!

Dirty Dozen: Pee Yew! 6 articles of dirty clothing, 1 piece removed at every mile. Quite a look! I’m glad I run alone.

Baker’s Dozen: The 1 challenge I regret! 1 baked goodie at every mile (where’s the sick bucket?) PLUS the pumpkin spice muffin I ate before my run.

I’m. Going. To. Be. Physically. Ill.

So, here are my Endomondo stats and some highlights of my run:
I woke up and started getting dressed. Then I started to pile on my laundry. On top I had a white tech shirt, then a pink tech shirt, then an over-sized blue t-shirt to try to hide the madness. On the bottom, I wore a pair of running capris, pulled on my skirtsports skirt, then pulled up a pair of tech shorts over the shortie of the skirt, but under the skirt part.
Did I mention madness?
That’s 2 extra pieces to shed both on top and bottom. I needed 2 more so I pulled on a pair of gloves (counts as 2) I’ve never worn gloves on a run before so I know those would be the 1st to go.
I never usually eat before I head out the door for a workout, but today I actually woke up famished! I started out with a muffin that I’m glad I had since I forgot that I had to start off with a baked goodie. Then I was off, just mere moments before the sunrise with the DJ giving instructions in my ear.
I run along a canal and I see the same faces of runners and walkers every morning; super friendly bunch of strangers so I had no worries leaving articles of clothing in out of the way spots to throw over my shoulder on my way back. The toughest part was eating the donuts! I asked my hubby to pick up some baked goods on his way home last night and explained what they were for. He was very amused to say the least, but he’s used to my shenanigans by now.
Unfortunately, instead of the little plain, glazed ones I asked for, he came home with cheese filled giant globs of ick! Under normal circumstances I may have enjoyed 1 of these. Too late to go back, but of course a sane person would have just abandoned that particular challenge.
You have yet to find out just how sane I am not so I’ll let you know that I ate 1 at every mile AND I made a heck of a mess of myself. I didn’t want to stop to eat to negate my Galloway so my mile markers went like this: ditch clothing, stuff face, (I mentioned that the gloves went 1st right?) Wipe hands and mouth on the next article of clothing to go.

Heh heh…

Today, I had a running milestone!
For the 1st time in my brief running career I was high-fived by another runner. Yes folks, she ran across my path and slapped me one! Of course she could have just been giving me mad props on my bad ass running skills OR she just wanted to get a closer look at my stunning albeit confusing outfit. This was mile 2, I might have been quite the hot mess. You decide. I’m going with props for my skills.

All in all, I had such a fun time doing this!
Except for the part that I’m still burping donuts and lard, it was amazing.

I can’t wait to see what kind of points I can earn next month!

Never in a million years did I think I would take a bathroom mirror picture! The things I do for 12athon!

Be grateful this isnt scratch 'n sniff!

Be grateful this isnt scratch ‘n sniff!

I'm like an ogre who is like an onion; peel away those layers!

I’m like an ogre who is like an onion; peel away those layers!

I can't even look at them.

I can’t even look at them.

Tomorrow I rest by volunteering at the P.F. Chang’s Rock ‘n Roll Marathon Expo!

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9 Responses to Official Start of The 12athon Challenge!

  1. Iris says:

    Shauna, This is a brilliant recap! And those togs, and gooey doughnuts, and the high-five! What a run! Congratulations on completing the Mayan Ultra. Twelve days is nothing to sneeze it. It was more than I could handle! I’m so impressed with your positive attitude and that you’re so game for this crazy game. So glad you joined the V12C!

  2. Scott says:

    Great work! Congrats on the excellent combo!

  3. hahaha, great stuff. Man, those are LARGE donuts. love it.

  4. Wow! I can’t believe the donuts…I’m staying away from all food-related challenges!

  5. Oh, my goodness . . . those are large donuts. And yay on the Dirty (half) Dozen! I’m so doing that one once the weather decides to cooperate (April or something, I’m guessing).

  6. .:Ash:. says:

    Way to go Shauna! You are one hard-core 12athoner! And, if I were to going to make myself sick with doughnuts, I’d definitely want some that looked like that. Wow! Fantastic work, really!

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