“Beer before wine makes you feel fine…”

Birds overhead at the start of the run

Birds overhead at the start of the run

“Wine before beer makes you feel queer.”
Why didn’t I listen to the sage advice from Karen Walker’s nursery rhyme.
Yesterday, I enjoyed a very fun filled day at the SkirtSports SkirtChaser 5K. Maybe too much. All this girl wanted was a few beers. Truth be told, the beer line was too long. So, long story short: I waited for the line to dwindle down by sipping on a couple glasses of Barefoot Wine’s cabernet. Over an hour later the beer line was finally looking doable, then I started on the Four Peaks Kiltlifters. (Yum!)
This paired with a day hanging out in the AZ sunshine made for a very sleepy combination.

Disclaimer: I used public transportation to get home! I don’t condone drinking & driving. Deadly mixture.

Thankfully, I don’t ever drink enough to get hang overs (or so I tell myself when I wake up intoxicated), but I tried to sleep as long as possible since I only had a couple of hours of sleep the night before since it was my BFF’s birthday celebration. This meant a postponed Stet That Run’s 12athon Run.

I had planned on combining a few challenges, but honestly just kept it simple for a straight run. I decided to forgo the “festive” Valentine sweater I borrowed from my step-mom as I didn’t want to be uncomfortable. It was in the high 60s and the sweater would have been too much.
I did use the Galloway 3:1 podcast again, but you can only claim each challenge once so no points there. I did leave late enough to see the sunset. Accidental, but scored some extra points so yay!
Here’s my run stats on Endomondo

Again, I’m grateful to Iris and all the other awesome 12athoners for the motivation to get out there & run. I love the feeling that even though my runs are solo, I’m never alone on the 12th. I’m very excited to be a part of this whole crazy bit of fun. The best part is reading all about the awesome adventures of the others. They all inspire me; such great and supportive runners! My goal at the end of this is to move up from JV team to be a full-fledged 12athoner.

Some thoughts during my 6 miles today:

  1. I sure hope I make it home before it gets dark.
  2. It sure is beautiful outside, maybe I should try to get used to evening runs
  3. Is that tiny dog really going to chase me? I’m afraid I’ll step on him
  4. Ick! Why do these kamikaze bugs always fly directly into my mouth?
  5. I wonder how many bugs I’d have to swallow to get 1 gram of protein
  6. I hope I never find out the answer to the last question
  7. Am I the only one who notices everything seems more beautiful on a run? The sky, clouds, the little flower that people just see as a weed…
  8. Or is it because the colors are more vivid because of endorphins or all the blood leaving my head to go help out my legs
  9. Whoa! My left calf is cramping. That’s never happened to me before
  10. Man, it’s dark out here! I should get a headlamp
  11. I should pay attention to my footfall, cramps aren’t normal for me
  12. Aww, I think we’re all out of bananas. I’ll have to pick some up tomorrow
  13. Ooh, only 1 more mile to go, if I turn here home will be about a mile away
  14. Ugh! I smell!
  15. Home… Shower here I come

The Truth of the matter however, is that inner dialog was just an attempt to distract me from the dominating thought in my head: I want chapstick!
I mean, that’s really the only thought that I kept coming back to over and over again. Here I am thinking about how much I’d love some chapstick. Why don’t I bring chapstick along with me. Do I really want to turn my hydration belt into another purse? Man, I’d kill for some chapstick right now! Other runners strategically place water along their routes; here I am wondering where would be a good place to keep a tube of chapstick. My Dad once showed me this Dr. Oz quiz to find out if you’re addicted to chapstick. I checked yes to every item on the list. I could check some of them several times. “Hi there stranger, we’re going to have a casual chat and you’ll be my friend for 15 minutes, here hold this tube of chapstick for me in case I need it and I can’t find the 6 others I keep on me.
Yeah… I have a sickness.

I win!

Ok, I just looked up at everything I just wrote… Wow that’s a whole lot of jibber jabber/mumbo jumbo/convoluted nonsense/are you still reading this/disconnected thoughts/chitter chatter/really, you’re still reading?/blather/gobbledygook!

I wonder if I’m still drunk?

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3 Responses to “Beer before wine makes you feel fine…”

  1. Patrick says:

    Drunk: no.
    Rambling on: maybe a little
    Does it matter: of course not!

    I too completed my run at sunset today, so you definately weren’t alone in that respect, even if we’re in a different time zone.
    I am glad to hear I’m not the only one who gets one thing on the brain to obsess over while running.

  2. Iris says:

    Excellent recap! Can’t count how many times I’ve cursed myself for not balming up before a run and/or for not bringing a tube with me. Someday you and I should compare lip balm collections. I definitely have a problem.

  3. Cheryl says:

    Definitely relate to all those random thoughts that pop up during your runs! It’s pretty hilarious what thoughts go thru one’s mind. Glad you shared them they made me laugh as they sound a lot like my randoms! I also find so many of my surroundings I see while running are magnified and become infinitely beautiful. Well… some smells become overwhelmingly unbearable, like the stinky ole truck fumes for instance…But for the most part I’m in this happy little running bubble where everything is wonderful and am so keenly aware of my surroundings…even on those days I am dreading a run before I ever get out the door. Interesting though, I think that mostly happens when I run by myself. I really enjoy running with others as it helps pass the time so quickly and they help push you farther and faster than you think you can go and always great to catch up with your buddies, but there’s just something about those solo runs I just adore! I think because you do get to take the time to notice the small things. By the way, I share the chapstick addiction too!! My favorite and only chapstick I will use is Vanilla Chap-et!! Love, love, luuvv it!! It’s hard to find though, so when I am fortunate enough to stumble on it, I buy out every one they have and make sure to distribute the new stash in my running jacket pockets, purses, cars, bike bags, swimming duffel bag…and basically everywhere!!

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