The Road to Hell…

They say is paved with good intentions.  Yeah, I had good intentions as I set out this morning for the March 12athon run.

These 2 guys were quacking up after witnessing what a mess I was today! Why Yes, I am ridiculously cheesy. Thanks for noticing!

I had a particularly hectic past few weeks so I didn’t do much in the way of planning for the bonus challenges (that will change for the future!) Being a Junior Varsity member of this whole crazy ordeal, I figure I have to get in as many extra points as I can.  Last night however, I prepared the lazy way; by conjuring up the challenges on my phone and figuring which ones I can pull off.
I decided on:

  • Baker’s Diet Dozen – mini treats as opposed to those monster donuts  the hubby tortured me with last time. My spouse is addicted to donuts! Yes, there I said it. He’s gotta have ’em. He seems to always have some in the house! So I packed the ones he had – 6 mini coconut donuts oh, and I started with half a blueberry muffin. How those fried, lardy, sweet treats don’t add to his waist line I just don’t know.  But I will find out and then I will kill him once I have his precious secret! Let’s keep that last part between us ‘kay?

    I won't lie, I started burping these after mile 2. Why couldn't they be mini cupcakes or something.

  • Kriss Kross; wearing my clothes backwards and 12 jumping jack at each mile.  Though, now that I am typing this, I am wondering if I should have been doing 6 jumping jacks as I’m team JV… hmmm… No matter, easy enough!

    The Daddy Mack'll make ya Jump Jump!

So, not worth much in terms of pointage, but every little bit counts right?  So, off I went.  Slower than usual, lacking a bit of energy, but determined to finish non-the-less.  I ran a little further than 3 miles tragedy struck!  As, I was crossing the Metro Light rail tracks on Main Street, I tripped and fell. That’s right ladies and Gentlemen, I went SPLAT!
I have never fallen while running before, but have heard many stories! I just had my 1 year runniversary last week (I started couch 2 5K last March) I am chalking this up to earning a running badge!
I haven’t entered any races or won any awards so this, my friends, is 1st running honor. I think it’s time I look for a race so I can have something positive to display heh heh.
All kidding aside, it wasn’t the safest place to land considering there’s a light rail passing in each direction on 12 minute loops and the track is sandwiched right in the middle of Main street traffic (thankfully, almost non existent traffic at the time.) So I got up, checked for trains 1st, then stumbled across the road.  The worst part was that I was dizzy afterward. I started looking around for somewhere to sit, spotted a bus stop and slowly made my way to it, while trying not to fall again.  There, I rested, drank some water, and ate the last 3 donuts.  The dizziness abated, so I decided to limp the 2 miles home.  A very helpful man stopped me to inform me that my leg was bloody. I smiled and thanked him.  I mean what else could i do?
I made it about 1 mile after 1/2 hour and decided to try a slow jog home.  Realized, it wasn’t too bad and honestly I didn’t want to forfeit my entire March points, so I went a little out of my way for a total of a 2 mile jog.  Therefore, I made a little over 6 miles today. YAY!  I did it. Turning into my driveway, ‘We Are The Champions’ started to play in my headphones (no joke) I started laughing, threw my arms in the air and came in like a champ!

I obviously didn’t bother with evidence on the bonuses since I will have to repeat them another time considering I only did them for 3 miles.  Sorry Iris, the 12athon goddess, you couldn’t get another jumping jack out of me after that!

But… as long as you’re not squicked out by blood, then you’re in luck!
Honestly, the left knee looks much worse since it’s been cleaned up!  I decided to spare the faint of heart the pics. and yes, there are pics haha.

My Battle Scars! I don't know what is with the right knee, it's the oddest injury I've ever had!

I should add, I planned on doing the RUI challenge today as well, but the only thing that stopped me (other than imbibing that early in the day) was not knowing if my bottles would count.  I use a hydration belt that has four 6oz. bottles. I only use 2 of those bottles, but I need to find out how many would count for the single and double fister.  My luck, I may have been much more graceful with a bit of hooch in me!  I mean, it always improves my mad dance skills!

Until next time,

Happy Running!

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9 Responses to The Road to Hell…

  1. so sad that you fell, but love that you introduced me a new word: runniversary! Excellent recap and congrats on your 1 yr runniversary scar of honor!!

  2. Awesome! I’m sorry you got hurt but you definitely made the best of it. I’ve managed to wipe out on a bike more times than I want to think but I’ve never managed to go splat while running. (I’ve been running about 5 months more than you.)

    • I do try. That last slow jog home I just kept telling myself I had to get there somehow, then tricked myself into taking a detour lol. I used to be fearless on the bike when i was younger, but now I need to get back in the saddle so I am too hesitant and you know that’s dangerous. My 1st running related injury, I am happy I survived. Though I could show the scars from my hiking related mishaps lol.

  3. Ouch, sorry about the knees! Great recap, though – I love that the guy pointed out that you were bleeding, just in case you hadn’t noticed it!

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