Bon Vivant! Food and Drink, I live for thee!

Bon Vivant means a person who enjoys luxuries, esp good food and drink.

Now, while I do enjoy life’s luxuries, I don’t always indulge. That’s okay though because every once in a while I do get to treat myself.  I do that as often as the opportunity presents itself. We only live once right? Unless you believe in re-incarnation; then it’s a whole different story.



I had the chance to attend the Bon Vivant culinary festival this past weekend and I did have quite a good time.This event had over 700 adult beverages and food from many awesome restaurants. For the price of admission, attendees had their choice to try whatever their heart desired. Honestly, I feel that I had too many choices! I didn’t know where to start, especially when it came to the adult beverages. From hundreds of wines, craft beers, and spirits I was a bit without direction. I didn’t want to over-indulge and have to be carried out if you know what I mean!

This was Rawhide Western Town, so I had to have a pic as a prospector

The food was easy, if it looked good I tried it. If it was great, I had more. I won’t lie, I enjoyed myself.

Here are some of the pictures I took so you have an idea of the smorgasbord that was before me. I sampled to my heart’s content!


I was a happy camper and I look forward to attending again next year.


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