I Won!

Yeah… That’s right! ME!

Thanks to the wonderful people that bring you Stet That Run’s Virtual 12athon Challenge I have officially won my 1st ever running prize. I, ladies and gentlemen, was the 1st quarter  winner for the JV team.

I just want to give a shout out to all the 12athoners and what they have accomplished every month. The way some of these amazing runners have been not only getting in their miles, but adding in all the crazy shenanigans of the bonus challenges is mind blowing! I URGE you all to please go read about and see the craziness for yourselves! I am in amazing company folks.

I cannot begin to tell you just how elated I was to find out that I was receiving running swag.  Not just because I love free stuff. I really do! I mean, I have never entered a race or anything so this was a huge deal for me. My first running accomplishment.

Look at my prizes!

So, true to form, I promptly announced to my family that they needed to build me a shelf to put my trophies on. While I am the kind of girl that is perfectly capable of building shelves (one only has to look around my home to see the evidence) I thought that this shelf needed to be done for me to further remind them of my awesomeness.  I am still waiting on that shelf however, so we’ll see what happens.

Here’s what I won:

  • A very awesome hand crafted runner’s cup. This is the very thing I was holding like a trophy and walking around the house with for about an hour asking my husband and Dad repeatedly “Hey, have you seen my trophy?” I wasn’t sure if they got a good enough look the first 27 times. I am nothing if not thorough!

Have you seen my fabulous cup? I won this!

  • One Good Earbud from Far End Gear. This is a very cool and functional earphone for anyone who is into sports and wants to hear their music without sacrificing their safety. This device allows both channels of audio to be played in one ear. The one I received also has a speaker which is so perfect as I use my phone as my GPS tracking device and MP3 player. I can use this as headphones and for voice calls, which is perfect as I am hearing impaired and need an earpiece every time! LOVE IT!  I will be writing up a post on this once I take it for a run, but it is the most comfortable earpiece I’ve ever had.
  • A box of True Lemon Lemonade. There’s 10 little packets in the box. Just pour one into a bottle of water and you have delicious lemonade for only 5 calories! It’s great guys, and I don’t usually drink anything except water, hot tea, and alcohol. I’ll definitely be keeping these handy.
  • A great little wristband from InknBurn that says RUN or DIE. I love it! I have been wearing it since I opened the box. I haven’t been running since the last 12athon run. So it is serving as a reminder that I need to get back out there and fast! They make some really stylish gear so be sure to check them out.

All in all, I can’t tell you how excited I have been receiving the package in the mail. I do miss my fellow 12athoners though and cannot wait until next month when we all get together and run again even if only in spirit. Such a great and motivational bunch.  Be sure to join us all on April 12th! Now, I have to start planning my bonus points for next quarter.

Thanks Iris!

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4 Responses to I Won!

  1. Congratulations!! That’s so exciting. That bracelet sounds really motivational…it might scare me a little to look at it during a run!

  2. Iris says:

    I’m late on reading this post—recovering from crewing the Umstead 100—but I’m so happy you’re loving your swag! It was all very well earned! Q2 will be even better than Q1!

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