Whoa! Thanks for sharing!

Are you ever too friendly? Or am I just crazy?

Do you have one of those faces that prompt random strangers to tell you their life story? You know what I’m talking about; when someone you never met or barely know just looks deep into your eyes and says to themselves “self, this is the person you must share your personal truths with.”

Now, I’m not talking about being neighborly & sharing a mutual conversation with someone you’ve just met. I’m such a friendly person that I seem to make instant buddies wherever I am. I love that! I actually enjoy going to festivals, events, etc. alone because I know that I’ll be meeting new people. It’s just my personality.
My friends joke at my expense because when we’re out together they say that I can’t go to the ladies room without coming out with a new friend. They have named these lovely ladies my “pee pee buddies.”
True, albeit weird story: I was on a trip with a girlfriend once in a small town and we decided to hit a bar that night. After a few beers I headed to the bathroom. There were 2 stalls, I picked one and headed in. A minute later I heard the door open and someone entered the stall next to me. She started talking and we stuck up a conversation. While I was washing my hands the woman actually opened her door while she was still sitting there and said “sorry, I like to see who I’m talking to.” LMAO! What can I say, I stayed and chatted with her until she was done and when we walked out her party joined our party and she bought us a round of drinks. She also offered to teach me how to ride horses at her ranch the next day, unfortunately we had to continue our trip. Yes, I gather friends wherever I am! Yes, sometimes my new friends are odd, but I love that. It keeps life fun & interesting.

Sometimes, however, I’m not feeling friendly. We all have those days where we just want to be left alone. These days I imagine my ‘friendly’ hat turns into a ‘Caution: I bite’ hat. So why is it that on these days I seem to meet people who don’t want a friend, they just want to spill their guts to a stranger & then move on. Maybe it’s cathartic for them. It is always easier to share issues anonymously, but what trait signals a person that someone is receptive? Or do people who need to talk just settle for anyone?
My Dad tells me this has been happening to me since my early teen years. The person in front of me in the checkout line will literally turn around and start telling me about their life. He would stand back amused.

My husband seems to have this same effect on people and he is the exact opposite of me. He’s a shy, anti-social wallflower, but people open up to him as if his name was Dr. Freud and they were laying on a couch.

A few days ago, Hubby & I were sitting, cuddled on a bench outside enjoying the evening and a woman walked by. When she saw his face she stopped to say hello. We smiled and returned her greeting. She then proceeded to tell us that we would both be happy to hear that she finally dumped her boyfriend. She found out he was cheating and she ended up with an STD so she kicked him out.
He’s trying to apologize and is begging her to take him back, but she just isn’t having it. We told her good for her, he didn’t deserve her and to stick by her guns! She ‘updated’ me on a few other personal topics. Then, she really looked at us and said, ‘looks like you have a really good friend there.’ We said yes & thank you. We’ve been together 11 years and are still best friends. She said she was happy for us. We told her to take care of herself and to have a good evening. She then continued on her way. I asked my husband who she was. He looked at me and said “I thought you knew her.” The look on his face was golden!
We broke into shocked laughter! We each indulged the woman only because we thought she was an acquaintance of the other. There was a gentleman on the next bench who had heard everything. He laughed and said it was his turn and we had to listen to him next. He was joking of course and the three of us kept chuckling at what just happened. None of us could believe the personal details she shared with us LOL.

Does this stuff happen to anyone else?
I mean, we have all met people who share a bit too much, but please tell me there are others who encounter it on this level of crazy!

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