Heavy breathing isn’t just for the perverted! RUN

I saw that on a shirt once and it really applied to me this morning!  I ran a mere two miles huffing and puffing the whole way… and LOVED every single moment of it.  My maniacal smile in between gasping for air should have been proof to anyone who saw me.

It’s been too long since I enjoyed/been on a run.  Between foot issues then getting sick the very same day I bring home sparkly new running shoes. Ha! Fate had other plans for me.  I even toyed with the idea of wearing my new nike frees 3.0 to bed.
But out on the road today, during all that heavy breathing without a partner, I fell in love all over again.  It may have only been two miles, but those two miles were all mine and I wouldn’t trade them for anything.

The truth is, I have been feeling a bit better for a few days, but I have found it so difficult to get out the door in the morning.  Every night I swore to myself that tomorrow would be the day, and every morning I would find the flimsiest of excuses not to go. It had been so long that I couldn’t bring myself to even pull on those new shoes.

Something had to give. Over the past few months not only has my fitness gone all to crap, but I found myself shoving disgusting things in my mouth. All the junk food that your brain can think of it probably went down my throat. It wasn’t like tasty food that I love, but things I don’t even like. I was in this spiral and just kept getting lower and lower. I felt like shit; both mentally and physically. I am not going to candy coat it. Because I already ate all the candy.  My stomach looks like I’m expecting triplets. The kicker is this: I knew all it would take for me to shake off these cobwebs and pull myself from this funk would be just one good workout session.  So why has it been so hard?

Today, I operated on auto-pilot without giving my brain time to think. The second my I opened my eyes this morning I swung my feet off the bed and started getting ready to head out the door.  The new shoes I mentioned are my first foray into using “less” shoe with a 4mm drop so I promised myself “No more than 2 miles.” After all, it had been awhile since I had been out there and didn’t want to set myself up for disappointment. 2 miles I can do in my sleep.
But, I have to tell you, those two miles felt so incredible that I wanted more! I almost pushed it, but decided to take it easy instead. After my run, I hit the fitness center and knocked out what felt like the quickest 30 minutes on the elliptical followed by some light strength training. I had to stop myself from doing more only because I was starving!

I have to tell you, I feel great right now! Endorphins flowing and I can’t stop smiling. I have even been dancing around like a goofball. I even did this song…
Yes, I did. I am so sorry!
How annoyed are you? Still here?
My husband hasn’t seen that girl in a while lol.  Even he is smiling. You see, exercise benefits everyone!

Ok. I need a goal to stay on track because one workout doesn’t a ‘Comeback’ make!  I have decided to sign up for a half marathon!
I will let you know which when I choose.

I will be rewarding my return to grace with a cold brew today, an Albion Amber Ale from the Marin Brewing Co. I haven’t tried that one before, let’s hope it’s worthy of a celebration! I wish I had some Belgium black from Four Peaks though yum!


Happy Running!
Happy Sweating!
Happy cold Frosty One!

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