It’s gotta be the shoes!

My feet hurt.

Not just a ‘I’ve been standing too long’ or ‘I stepped on something sharp’ kind of hurt, but real pain! Especially the second I wake up and swing my feet off the bed in the morning.  I have been dealing with Plantar Fasciitis since last year and recently it has just been getting worse.  you mean to tell me that doing everything exactly opposite of physicians and experts everywhere isn’t going to help? I am shocked! just Shocked I tell you!

I will tell you what was a blessing in disguise.  Falling on my face in the middle of a run last month during the 12athon challenge and having to take some time off. During my forced hiatus I hadn’t worn shoes for the entire month. That means no running shoes for 1 month. I live in the desert and unless I am wearing heels for a meeting, I am living barefoot or in flip flops. Suddenly my plantar fasciitis pain started to ease up. Whoa, I have been dealing with this for more than half a year and suddenly I am feeling better? I know what a lot may be thinking… well of course you feel better genius, you weren’t running! And the main prescription for this ailment is rest, rest, rest! AHA! Well, I thought so too my friends, BUT the second I put my running shoes on to walk around my neighborhood to do a few errands the pain started coming back almost instantly! I mean it, by the time I was out of the parking lot I was hurting again. I didn’t think anything of it at first as I had already been dealing with it for so long.  Then I had a few more days pain free – back in my flip flops and bare feet. I put the running shoes back on for the following month’s 12athon run and wouldn’t you know the pain is back. So it has to be the shoes!

You see, you’re supposed to rest up, stop running, ice, stretch, massage, well you get the picture. I think the only thing in the list that I actually did was the massaging my plantar. I knew I would have to take a break, but I was in denial. I am not a hardcore runner in the sense that I am getting out there and knocking out 20 milers, but I still need to run!

I am no marathon runner, but I do feel this way sometimes!

I have been wearing stability shoes throughout my running career and I have been told that was what I needed. I am a heavy runner after all, and my poor, defenseless little feet need all the support they can get with all my chubby girl weight bearing down on them.  Well, they effing hurt!

I don’t want to wear shoes ever again!

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