May 12athon – Rocked that Bi-Curious challenge!

Heh Heh Heh. I am bad. I thought it was a catchy title. What can I say?

Well, it’s May 12th and that means time to get out there and get some miles in for the Stet That Run’s 12athon Virtual Run Challenge. I am happy to say that not only did I get my 6 miles as required for the JV team, but I also got my limit of Bonus Challenges in today as well. Vanilla miles of the past months be damned.

For my bonus points I chose the following challenges:

  • Naturalist: Thanks to our wonderful 12athon race director Iris, and her invaluable advice, I am heading towards minimalist shoes. Unfortunately, my LRS did not have any of the shoes I actually wanted to try in my size (9.5) I tried for 3 different models of Merrells and 2 models of New Balance with 0mm drop. Actually, every barefoot type shoe I asked for was not in stock. *cue scream* thank you giant running shoe chain store! I went home with a pair of Nike frees 3.0 which has a 4mm drop. Not what I wanted, but already a HUGE improvement over the big heavy shoes I have been in before. Much less pain for my plantar fasciitis already! When I am not running, I am almost barefoot in my regular life. I can’t wait until I try something even lower in about a month or so. They are light and I love that I can move my feet in them, and they can do this… But there is still a whole lot of padding/cushion and I don’t want that so much. But they count for the challenge so YAY!

    Nike Free 3.0 v4

    I can actually move my feet and wiggle my toes for a change!

  • Bi-Curious: I spent the better part of last night fixing a bike for a friend and while I was out there decided to put some air into the tires on my bikes and wipe all the dirt and grime off.  I was inspired to go for a short ride today so I figured why not get points while I am at it 🙂 I ran 3 miles this morning, then hopped on a bike that is clearly not fitted to me (It’s still my favorite little Frankenstein) and rode 3 miles. I have to admit, I felt like I was cheating at this whole crazy game, but I had fun. This picture just reminded me that I left my water bottle in the holder out there…

    Too big, not built for a woman, total Frankenstein, but my fave bike in the current arsenal.

  • Baker’s Dozen: I did learn my lesson after last time about leaving my stomach’s affairs in the hands of someone else; especially when that someone is addicted to donuts! I baked my own healthy cookies, which is a staple in my home. I ate one before I left, 3 on my run and it was awkward to stop and eat a cookie every mile on my ride through the neighborhood haha.
    Here’s the recipefor you health conscious people. It can be made with a minimum of 2 ingredients! Yes, you read right. I think you endurance athletes may like it. I have been making them for years!  This batch has 4 ingredients: bananas, oats, fig pieces and peanuts.

    Healthy Banana cookies

    They may not look pretty, but they are tasty and good for you!

I had such fun getting my sweat on this morning. I am however green with envy over the 12athoners who were able to get together and run in real life. When will you all be taking a trip to beautiful and sunny Arizona? hmmmmm? *hint hint wink wink nudge nudge shove shove poke poke prod prod*

Oh and I will be relaxing while pouring a frosty mug of this today

Because I like to replenish my lost fluids!

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6 Responses to May 12athon – Rocked that Bi-Curious challenge!

  1. I think the Arizona and CA runners need to get together this year! At least that’s close(ish). And I totally empathize with your shoe store experience…after I ran a marathon in my Five Fingers, I went in to try on some Merrells and the Big Box Shoestore guy told me that I’d never be able to run in them because I’d injure my feet. *sigh*

    • That would be awesome! Where in California are you?
      The shoe stores are driving me crazy. I think it’s a conspiracy since I am a heavy runner and they think I will get hurt. The big heavy shoes are hurting me!!! I am ready to buy online, but I would like to try them on first.

  2. derscott says:

    Good job with the bonus challenges! And excellent post run libation choice.

  3. derscott says:

    Nicely done with the bonus challenges! And great choice of post-run libation. 🙂

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