Deviled Eggs, Teddy on Board, and Morning Drinking all while Running… Wise Mix?

WoooooHoooo Ya’ll!

It’s June 12th and you all know what that means by now! It’s time for the Stet that Run Virtual 12athon! And you know that I am always present and accounted for when it comes to this whole crazy game!

Today marks the end of Quarter 2 and since I was the leader of the JV team last quarter I am ineligible for the win this time around. Not only that folks, but I am not even in the running this quarter. I have been slacking on my bonus points and so I have slid down to the lowly 3rd place. Not cool! I will definitely have to pay more attention to the wackiness in the future. It seems that I have also missed 2 bonus runs. I have to keep an eye on those too.

Today was awesome!
I may need a nap and it is barely 1:15pm as I write this.

Let’s get to the run shall we?

I did my requisite 6 miles this morning. My second time attempting that distance this month and today went to much better! I suspect it had something to do with all the unholy carbs I consumed yesterday. My Dad made one of his specialties (macaroni pie; a Trinidadian/Caribbean classic by the way) and I just had to go help myself to some. Yummy! And I am not a fan of pasta, but when you have a slice of home calling you, you answer!
Today felt so much better than the Beelzebub’s Bonus Run last week in that I didn’t feel like dying. Actually, I was so happy to be out there today that I was singing along with the tunes in my one good earbud and smiling the whole time. I even chatted up a mama duck and her 6 wee ones. I don’t think she understood what I was saying, but she got the gist I am sure. So, it was a happy 6 miles, not my speediest yet, but so much improved over the last 6 miler.

On to the challenges!

  • Diabolic Dozen: I initially shied away from this challenge after reading that other 12athoners didn’t want to see another egg for awhile. I didn’t want to consume too many and end up with ‘egg burps’ all day. UGH! Then, I realized that I am a JVer. YAY! that meant I didn’t have to eat 1 dozen, but only 1/2 dozen deviled eggs. 3 eggs? Why yes please! I eat 2 a day after my run anyway! I boiled these the night before and woke up early to put them together. This is why they are not pretty; heck I spooned the mixture back into the whites as I couldn’t be bothered to pull out the kitchen tools. I also should mention that I live in the desert so I put them in a ziplock baggie (I sort of tried to put them back together to reduce the mess; it didn’t work) then I put a small ice pack, then another ziplock. I am not taking chances lol! BUT, this was a bit messy!

    They were very messy, but yummy just the same. Next time, I will make them earlier so the yolk can be firmer from the fridge.

  • Mommy-to-Be: I searched my home last night for the better part of an hour looking for my niece’s toy bag (Numerous baby toys from 4 years ago when she visited as a baby) I knew there was a little baby doll in there! Then, my husband told me that I had taken it to Goodwill about 8 months ago (she had outgrown all those things anyway) I still don’t remember doing that, but definitely sounds like my M.O. No baby doll to be found, but I did check with 12athon race director/overlord to see if I could use a teddy bear instead. I got the thumbs up, so I tucked it into the front of my hydration belt. He was quite happy there and didn’t bounce as much as I thought he would. I have to mention though that I did get a few very confused looks while out this morning. A little bit like when I wore 6 extra articles of dirty clothing, etc but a couple of people almost gave themselves whiplash doing a double take. I just smiled brightly like there was nothing hanging from my front and said a huge “Good Morning to ya!” I couldn’t help but chuckle each time.

    Baby On Board!
    I did have to explain 12athon to my neighbor before he would snap the photo. He may think I am crazy!

  • RUI (Running Under the Influence)—The Double-Fister: Now, I am all for cocktails and I always thought of myself as a “Happy hour may be too far away let’s drink now” kinda girl, but I was very hesitant about drinking this early in the morning especially while engaging in physical activity. So please, no one tell the old ball & chain he may start calling me a lush… even more than he already does… I used blue gatorade and 1oz of cheap vodka that I had left over from making jello shots for a friend’s birthday in each water bottle. Normally, I don’t drink gatorade, but thought ‘hey, you’re having vodka on a day that will get up to 107 degrees, get some electrolytes in ya!’ Now that I am writing this, I realize that I was supposed to use hand-held bottles so I am hoping the hydration belt counts. I also added a bottle of plain water that I could re-fill because I am not a complete idiot. Right?!?

    It was a fun run!
    What’s the opposite of Kryptonite? Please, don’t tell me that this is my anti-kryptonite!

    Today I was reminded how much I dislike Gatorade!

P.S. I need one of these bras for my next RUI run… Oh who am I kidding? I need one of of these just to walk around town in… Did I mention I like to drink? Take a look at my blog name lol…

I did have a great morning out there! It was so much fun planning my bonus challenges and actually executing them. I am expecting someone who saw me today to stop me tomorrow and ask what the deal was with the teddy bear. Today reminded me of my 1st 12athon run back in January when I did a few different challenges on the same day too. Fun! Fun! Fun! I loved it! I have to remember this feeling again for next time in case I want to just do a vanilla run again lol.
Oh, and if anyone is wondering, my tummy held up like a champ this morning!

After my run this morning, I headed to the gym and did a quick upper body strength training workout. I might as well have phoned it in since my brain was focused on one thing; the pool. Afterward, I headed home and changed into my swimsuit and hit the cool water for a few laps. What an enjoyable morning! Now, back to the real world and have to get some work done.

yes, and humble too…

Happy Running Ya’ll
(I don’t know why I keep saying ‘ya’ll today… but I am embracing it ya’ll!)

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One Response to Deviled Eggs, Teddy on Board, and Morning Drinking all while Running… Wise Mix?

  1. Iris says:

    Eggs and vodka, the breakfast of champions! This race director/overlord approves! Points forthcoming on Facebook. Well played!

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