The Day Started with a Scorpion…

If that critter didn’t wake me up I don’t know what would have!

It looked like this… ONLY SCARIER.. cuz it was RIGHT THERE! Ugh!

Yes, I do live in the desert and there are many many scorpions out here. You just don’t always expect one in a sombrero to greet you while you’re rummaging around in the dark looking for your knee strap. Okay, I haven’t gotten into the tequila as yet (I am eyeing it though) and he wasn’t really wearing a sombrero, but I am trying to turn my memory into something more pleasant since I haven’t taken off my running shoes as yet and I have been home for 4 hours already. I hate wearing shoes! If they weren’t already on my feet when I had the critter encounter I may not have even put those on. I have a fear of anything creepy crawly, which is bad for a girl who loves the outdoors. I can deal with them outside, that’s where they are supposed to live, not inside with me! Where’s the tequila?

Today is the 12th of July, which means it’s time for Stet that Run’s Virtual 12athon again!

It was incredibly humid outside since we had one of our famous monsoon storms last night and while the temperature is never affected, the moisture in the air is definitely at it’s worse. Over 100 degrees and humid as heck!

So hot & sweaty I tried to hang myself with my camelbak tube

I ran 6 miles and despite the humidity, my first 5 miles were really great. I don’t understand why I struggled so much on that last mile. I am starting to believe if I have that amazing “can run for 100 miles” feeling in the beginning of a run, it means I will bonk. Is that just me?

I planned on doing 2 challenges this morning, but lucked(?) into an extra one on a whim.

  • Naturalist:I ran in my what I now consider my Trusty Nike Free 3.0 v4 which has a 4mm drop and counts as minimalist shoes. I have to write a review on these since I can’t get over how cushy and flexible these are without all that yucky support! I’ve put a little over 100 miles on them so please excuse their cruddiness. I play in dirt folks.

    I will not wash my shoes, I like them to collect the dust of my miles!

  • RUI – The Single-Fister: Does that sound dirty to anyone else but me? Okay please ignore my perviness and let’s get on with it. I am actually not at home so I am making the best with what I have. I ran with my camelbak today and the only other bottle I had was my 12oz steel bottle in which I promptly leapt at the chance to pour alcohol into. I went with vodka, cranberry juice and a bit of grenadine for some extra carbs lol. I’ve run with it before so I knew it wouldn’t be a burden to hold. I had such a great run the last time I did this challenge I was sure it was the secret to my success. Today, I think it worked well, until I ran out. Perhaps double the alcohol will work better. Double fister next time!

    Finally, a reason to day drink! I used to hide in my shame before…

  • Sisyphus: I left for my run from a friend’s house since she’s out of town and I went to look after her dogs and cat so I was not too familiar with the layout of her neighborhood. At the end of her block there was a school and a park. (Zoom in to see the track) Gorgeous! I noticed that there was a track there and for the life of me I couldn’t remember if that was one of the available challenges this month. This was decision time: Explore a gorgeous new neighborhood filled with wildlife and stables etc or rack up some 12athon points? Tough one! Especially since I wasn’t sure it would even count. I went for it. It was nice not having to hold the water bottle and it wasn’t as boring as I expected it to be (rephrase: the 1st 4 miles weren’t as boring the last 2 were yucky) Since the park was right there I enjoyed watching scampering wildlife. I stopped a few times trying to get pictures, but by the time I got the camelbak off my back and the phone out of that each time, well, nature doesn’t wait to smile and say cheese.

My critter count: I saw 8 or 9 jackrabbits, a squirrel, a nest of lovebirds, (my favorite) a woodpecker, a mama roadrunner and her babies running behind her, and a coyote crossed my path. I will be running in this neighborhood again tomorrow if only to really explore the area.

If you look very closely you can see some of the lovebirds

A few short notes:

I will be forever indebted to Iris from Stet that Run for recommending my switch to minimalist shoes. My Plantar Fasciitis has almost disappeared since making this small change. I have just bought my first pair of Merrell Dash Glove and will begin my transition to “barefoot” shoes.

My new babies

I have discovered the perfect addition to my steel cut oats for breakfast this morning; dark chocolate covered acai berries! Holy Moly that’s good! (I also should add that there’s natural peanut butter, raisins & fig pieces in there as well; sugar overload! I think you can say I ate candy for breakfast.)

The chocolate gets all ooey gooey and melty. Ohhhhhhh… YUMMY!

I will be only semi professional today as I am working from home and I definitely plan on continuing the day drinking. And yes, at this time in the post I have already gotten into the tequila!

Actually, I am now heading to the pool with my red solo cup and a copy of 50 shades of grey… work be damned!

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2 Responses to The Day Started with a Scorpion…

  1. It sounds dirty to me to me, too, and I did (am doing) the double-fister today. (Which sounds even dirtier.)

    And yikes! Scorpion!

  2. The Merrells are awesome – you’re going to love them! And I definitely do NOT miss the scorpions from when I lived in Texas!!!

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