My foray into Minimalist Shoes.

I am going to be honest with you. I hate wearing shoes!

It’s true, I will avoid them every chance I get. I live in sandals and flip flops and when necessary, will wear heels for a meeting or a night out. That’s it! If I am indoors, I am barefoot.
I once attended a wedding wearing flip flops. Yes, I am ashamed to admit it and it wasn’t planned, but I looked fabulous in my red dress, black cardigan and black flip flops! It couldn’t have been that bad since the bride asked me to be in her wedding photos even after I explained that she had never met me before lol.
Life is just too short for ill-fitting shoes. The only time I may suffer willingly would be with some gorgeous, sexy heels, but even that’s pushing it.

I am a heavy runner (read that: chunky chick who happens to run) When I head to the specialized running store it seems I silently scream “PUT ME IN SOMETHING UBER SUPPORTIVE!” As a result I have been wearing stability shoes to run in from the very start and all I have ended up with is a whole lot of pain! We’re talking quite a nice little smorgasbord of pain too; ranging from back, hips, knees, ankle and the biggie: Plantar Fasciitis. Yay me! Wow, don’t I sound really old complaining about my maladies? The truth is that I have never felt comfortable in my running shoes. My feet would begin to cramp as I walked out to the street before I even started running.

I was convinced that since my feet weren’t used to the support the rest of the time, maybe I shouldn’t have so much of it while running. However, every time I tried to discuss this with my local running store staff they kept insisting I needed the support. I was told that I could go into minimalist shoes, but I would need insoles. Stop me if I am wrong, but doesn’t that defeat the purpose?
I was confused and didn’t know what to do. Then, I had the good fortune of cyber meeting Iris Sutcliffe of Stet That Run. Her husband, Barefoot Josh and herself are barefoot/minimalist running enthusiasts. Through Iris’ guidance she shared some great links and recommended a few brands for me to try. I am forever grateful to her. She made me realize that I wasn’t crazy in having this fight with my shoes and she gave me the confidence I needed to walk into my shoe store and let them know that I was not going to take their well intentioned advice on shoes any longer!

I knew it! It’s a conspiracy. Somebody PLEASE STOP THEM!

Unfortunately, all the brands I intended to try were out of stock in my size (This, I believe was a conspiracy. I mean really? every barefoot brand in a size 9.5)

I did leave with a pair of minimalist shoes that day and it has definitely convinced me that I am on the right track. The pain, while not entirely gone, has greatly diminished; especially the plantar fasciitis issue.I wake up in the morning and can actually WALK! That was an issue for me before. I barely feel the pain of this now, it’s more slight discomfort.

I am definitely going to begin my transition to barefoot shoes! Actually, I did my first 2 miles in a 0mm drop shoe this week! I will be taking it very slow though.

I will chronicle this transition the best I can starting with a review of the shoes…

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