November 12athon. I can’t believe that it’s almost over!

Well, I know I haven’t been writing about anything running lately. Well, I haven’t been posting about anything at all, so I suppose it’s fitting that my November 12athon post is terribly late. I am expecting the teacher to put me in the corner to face the wall or maybe write on the blackboard 100 times: “I will turn in my homework on time.”
Nah, nothing so dramatic lol, but I am figuring better late than never!As I have written a few times in the past, my back has been pretty hurt and that has caused me to take several months off from physical activity. I am definitely not even close to 100 percent as yet, but I can pretend right?
I have been trying to ease back into this whole crazy running things slowly as possible. I started back with going out and running just a couple of miles at a time and the week before the 12th of November I got a whopping 4 mile run in! WOoohoooooO! High fives all around!
Still, I felt pretty good knowing that I could complete my 6 mile 12athon run using the Galloway method that I had been introduced to through our lovely race director Iris; run a few minutes, then walk 1 minute.
So that being said, can someone please tell me what got into my head when I woke up that morning thinking I was going out and doing 8 miles that day?!? If you really want to know I will tell you, but you are going to laugh and shake your head at me disapprovingly.

The night before, I had a dream. In that dream I ran an ULTRA! You know, the kind of ULTRA that is longer than The 26.2 miles in a marathon! Yeah, The night before, when I was tucked in all cozy and snug in my warm comfy bed, I dreamt that I not only ran 50k, but I was as fresh as a daisy the whole time and finished feeling like I could do it again. OMG Even I am laughing til I cry as I type this!!!

Let me give you a moment to compose yourself and get off the floor. I am so sorry I just made you fall out of your chair with amusement! Are you ok? Are you hurt? No? OK, good!

So to continue, I woke up thinking “WOW! What an awesome dream! I am going to run 10 miles today!” HA, ok yeah this is where I talked some sense into myself and decided to aim for 8 instead.
Truthfully, I almost hit that goal, I finished with 7.5 miles under my feet. If you’d like to count the walk home it would be 8 miles, but I would consider that cheating lol and I’ll have no part in it. So, am I happy with my run that day? Yes I am considering where I have been for the past few months. I have to say though, it was my LONGEST duration run ever, though not my furthest distance run ever. I am still very proud of myself for passing the original goal of 6 miles for the day.
Here are the bonus challenges I took part in on this day:

  • Baker’s Dozen: 7 lovely, delicious, soft chocolate chip cookies. 1 for the road and 6 onthe road!

    When it’s all over how will I justify unhealthy eating *sadface*

    • Galloway: Used a podcast and ran 3 minutes, walked 1 minute
    • Naturalist:  Dusted off the Nike Free 3.0 v4which has a 4mm drop.

      Yeah, I picked up a new pair.

      • Sunrise: I just made it with the Sunrise bonus as I may have headed out just minutes before the sunrise. Cut it close!

Next month is the last 12athon ever and I will admit how sad I am to see this end. I love how being a part of this crazy game has pushed me a bit further and encouraged me to get a workout in on days I would have not done so otherwise.

I have the 12athon is almost over blues so I am heading over to the Facebook page to check out all the other very awesome 12athoners!

I’m posting this because it makes me smile & sing lol

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