Just an update and a peek at what’s coming next!

Finish line after my 1st half marathon! (im in the middle)

Finish line after my 1st half marathon! (im in the middle)

So I haven’t been on for a bit, but that doesn’t mean that nothing has been happening. Quite the opposite actually! I’ve been a busy girl 🙂

I have so much to share. Let’s see…
I have a few race re-caps to post: Iron Girl, P.F. Chang’s Rock N Roll Half Marathon (omg! Did I just type that?) The Color Run 5K which I had some fabulous company (hubby’s 1st event ever!)
I’m working on them, keep your shorts on.
Also, in true Run Drink Live style I’ve been enjoying some great local breweries. You know one of the things I love in this life is craft beer! We have some really unique micro brews here in the Valley of the Sun.
I’ve also made a decision where my running is concerned. I want to run my next half in zero drop/barefoot shoes.
I’ve mentioned quite a few times that minimalist shoes are definitely the only way for me to go. After trying quite a few brands, (The folks in my local running store know me by name lol) I’ve been wearing only 2; the Nike Free 3.0v4 for long runs and my Merrell Dash for shorter distances. I completed my 1st half last month in the Nike shoes. They are definitely the most cushion that I’m willing to wear. Anything more than that I will toss!
I’m actually getting a new pair of the Dash since I’m a believer in having a dedicated pair of shoes just for running and the Dash have actually become my everyday shoe that I wear for every occasion that I’ll be on my feet all day. I’ve even started wearing them with skirts ha ha. I’m a bit worried since the manager told me they might be changing/updating them so we’ll see what happens next week.

I’m going to take this training very slowly. The half I have in mind will be in November so I have plenty of time to do this right. My 1st half marathon was a great experience, but I wasn’t trained and definitely not prepared. I did walk a great deal which was a decision I made since I hadn’t been running before hand due to being hurt for a few months.

This time, I’m doing it all the right way. Starting half marathon training from scratch. I haven’t trained consistently since August and I’m choosing to look at this as a blessing in disguise.
This will be my rebirth!
I will be the Phoenix rising from the ashes.
LOL how is that for a buildup?!?
Since I’ve never been a fast runner, (who are we kidding? I’m a shuffler) I’m going to treat myself as a brand new runner and start over. I was thinking that this is an opportunity for me to start the way I wish I did in the past; if only I knew then what I know now.
I am now a new runner, and I will start in barefoot shoes. Non of those padded monstrosities they call shoes. Iris over at Manic Runday, who I’ve mentioned a million times since I’m forever in her debt for turning me on to “less shoe”, recommended starting over with Couch25K and I think it’s a fabulous idea! This way, I can work on form, speed, etc and turn myself into a better & healthier athlete!

Sidebar: when are the sales clerks in the running stores going to realize that there are some of us who don’t benefit from the support? They have put me in stability shoes due to my weight saying that I need the extra support and all I got for it was pain and injuries!
I was at a different running store a few weeks ago and the salesperson was so insistent that the shoes I was wearing wasn’t meant for running, but for recovery! He said it wasn’t wise to run in minimalist shoes and they should be only worn after a long run to let me feet relax! Why can’t my feet relax WHILE I’m running?
I politely said “thank you, but they work really well for me!” I finished 13.1 miles in minimalist shoes without any side effects afterward. I think I’m good!
Ok, rant over… For now…

I’ve got a 5K in the morning at the Diamonbacks’ Chase Field followed by Fan Fest. This girl loves her baseball!

Now, if you'll excuse me. i have to go get ready for the DBacks Race Against Cancer tomorrow ;-)

Now, if you’ll excuse me. i have to go get ready for the DBacks Race Against Cancer tomorrow 😉

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