The Road to P.F. Chang’s Rock N Roll Half Marathon Arizona

Hey Folks!

Well, I wanted to say some things about my time leading up to the Rock N Roll Half Marathon here in Arizona.

As you all can imagine, this was supposed to be a big deal for me; my 1st ever half marathon. It took place on January 20th 2013 and I had signed up since June 2012 on National Running Day for a very sweet discount! $20 off the lowest price! As with my other races this season that I signed up well in advance for, I had the best of intentions.
My goal was to run (or in my world – Jog) the whole thing. Since hurting my back in August 2012 and not getting any consistent training done beforehand, when race week came up my goal was simply to finish. Even if that meant dragging myself across the finish line as the asphalt exfoliated my belly.

The 2013 course map. Half route is the Blue

The 2013 course map. Half route is the Blue

I knew I wasn’t up to running 13.1 miles with no training in the months leading up to the half marathon so I set out to see what it was like to stay on my feet for three hours. My longest run had been 8 miles at the beginning of 2012 so I was trying not to kid myself. Three weekends before race day I decided to go for a long walk. I told myself, you are going out there for 3 hours or ten miles; whichever comes first! That morning I slapped on my Nike Free 3.0 v4 and my Camelbak and grabbed some nutrition and headed out. I actually was able to jog the first 4 miles or so, interval walk/jog a few more miles, then just plain walked. At the end, as I headed home my right foot actually cramped up pretty badly and made a weird claw/fist inside my shoe. Yikes!I didn’t have my GPS app or the time with me since my phone decided to give up the ghost so I am not sure the exact time I took, but when I got home and plotted my route online I did a little over 11 miles that morning.

Not one to be discouraged by claw-like foot disfigurements, I did the same thing the following weekend. This time I wore some calf compression sleeves and I think they helped a lot! Following the same formula as the week before, I made it about 12.75 miles on this try. I felt good about being able to finish, but honestly a bit nervous about making it in the cut off times. I had hoped to do it one more time on the weekend before the race, but lousy, inconsiderate people with their lousy, inconsiderate germs got the better of me with a cold and I decided to nurse myself and not make matters worse.

Again, since my goal for race day was just to finish regardless of time, there was little to no pressure on me. I wasn’t even nervous on race morning. How is that for weird? starting line of my first half marathon and I felt no butterflies? I even slept soundly the night before without a worry in the world. I am going to attribute this phenomena in part to telling myself “I can do anything!” and another part of pure and beautiful denial! I guess you can’t worry about a race that you are not allowing yourself to think about lol.

I am going to do a cut-away so you can jump to actual expo and race day info and what the experience was like through my big brown eyes 😉

At the Expo... Do you see my time? Wow! I am awesome!

At the Expo… Do you see my time? Wow! I am awesome!

All in all… I did finish my first half. I felt good about doing it and I am looking forward to doing it again; only right this time.

This was my freebie! I cannot and will not claim myself to be a half marathoner until I put in the training, do the work and cross the finish line all used up! Sure, I am proud of myself for doing something that most people have not and will not (thanks to my wonderful running buds who kept telling me this)
Speaking of which, I have already signed up for my next half marathon! You probably could have seen that one coming though right? It will be the Women’s Half Marathon in November 2013.
I might be becoming a medal whore as I think theirs is purrty and I want!


This is from 2012, looking forward to earning the 2013 version.

I am still healing, but I am hoping to start training again very soon!

My mud run is next weekend and I have a 10K the next. Wow! For a temporary non runner, I sure have been showing up at those starting lines!

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3 Responses to The Road to P.F. Chang’s Rock N Roll Half Marathon Arizona

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  2. Chris says:

    You finished 13.1 miles. Doesn’t matter if you walked or jogged or ran, you did it. You are a half marathoner. Good luck with the mud run!

    • Chris, thank you for putting a smile on my face! I guess I’ve always been an ‘all or nothing’ kind of girl. You are right, I did it and I need to celebrate that! Thanks!
      I’m really looking forward to getting as muddy as possible lol.

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