Hi there!
I’m Shauna.

Here I chronicle my (mis)adventures in running, etc 🙂

I am a girl who loves to run, but I am kinda new at that. I am enthusiastic although very slow at it. It keeps me sane and happy. After hitting the road I come home with such an incredible high and a smile that can’t be wiped off for most of the day. how can running not be a great and positive thing in my life.

I am also a girl who likes to drink.  Not so new at that. I would like to clarify, I enjoy it that does not mean I do it irresponsibly. I drink often, but not a lot. I love red wine and craft beer and am always looking for new favorites!

I am also a bit of a tree hugging hippie in disguise. I am not really in disguise, people are just always shocked when they realize that I am as crunchy as grape nuts!


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